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標題: [綜合討論] Focus mk3 的 SYNC 系統將支援台灣語言 [列印本頁]

作者: ttasd    時間: 2011-3-4 08:57 PM     標題: Focus mk3 的 SYNC 系統將支援台灣語言

Ford SYNC goes global, 2012 Focus will accept commands in 19 languages

For a long time Ford kept its best cars in Europe and Australia, leaving Americans to make do with the Tempo or teasing us with a Focus that wasn't nearly as good as those elsewhere in the world. That's all changed now, and we're dutifully returning the favor. SYNC, which has been present on many an American Blue Oval since 2007, is now going international, Ford and Nuance managing to add an additional 16 languages to the voice recognition processing, bringing the total to 19. Emergency assistance has also been expanded to cover other languages as well, so you can now hollar for help, schreien for hilfe, or even schreeuwen om help.
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作者: 士林.新店小班    時間: 2011-3-5 01:53 AM

蠻先進的系統 . 如果福特六和有引進的話 . 可能也只會列為選配吧 !
作者: J.C.motoparts    時間: 2011-3-19 06:21 PM     標題: j.c

看起來好正點的 sync喔